Introducing It Was a Dark and Stormy Book Club

Introducing It Was a Dark and Stormy Book ClubIntroducing It Was a Dark and Stormy Book ClubIntroducing It Was a Dark and Stormy Book Club
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About us

Podcast details

Podcast details

Ann Dark is the matron of the team. We would truly be lost without her.  She handles quality control and all back office duties. She is a retired lady who loves to spend time with her husband, family and cat when she can stop reading long enough.

Tracey Stormy is the research and development  of the team and is a busy working mom.  she has everyone's fantasy job - She works for a candy company.  She listens to books on her commute and squeezes in any other reading she can. She also is slowly turning her house into a jungle with her large collection of house plants.

Kathy Night has the hardest job of them all - keeping Ann and Tracey in line.  She also produces our monthly newsletter and corresponds with our patrons.  She loves to travel with her husband and spend time with her dog, Star.

We are all great proponents of any type of reading.   We just love a good mystery.  We are looking for the next Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell or Dashiel Hammett.  We know they are out there .

Podcast details

Podcast details

Podcast details

Our podcast can be found on itunes, Stitcher and all major podcast players. We have over 80 episodes for your listening pleasure. We feature author interviews and book reviews in the Mystery, Thriller and True Crime arena. We are concentrating on authors not yet household names, but probably should be. Our goal is to help you find your next favorite author.

 We also periodically interview more established authors, like Rhys Bowen, Tess Gerritsen and Hank Phillippi Ryan, for our In Agatha's Footsteps episodes.   We enjoy interviewing authors and book lovers like ourselves. 

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Kevin Macleod for our theme music (Sneaky Snitch):

Life would be boring without a little mystery!

Help us out

Podcast details

Help us out

There are a few ways you can help us keep this going.  One is to like, subscribe and give us a review. 

 We enjoy podcasting.  It is our passion to discover new authors and promote them. Unfortunately podcasting is not free.  We are working on extra content for our patrons but in the meantime, we are asking for minimal donations, almost like a tip jar. We have set up a  Patreon .  Every little bit helps.

We want to give back to our patrons.

2.00 a month - A personal Thank You email and a shout out on the show.

5.00 a month - all the benefits above and a monthly bonus episode. Plus a Dark & Stormy window cling.

10.00 a month - will get you all benefits listed above plus, after 2 months a Dark & Stormy coffee mug.

Any new patron will be entered into a monthly giveaway of five assorted mystery books.

New Feature

 Beginning in January 2020, we will begin featuring short stories in our newsletter.  We are looking for entries containing 1500 to 2500 words.  This can be an already published story (most likely it will be new to our subscribers) or a brand new one. This can be a traditional mystery, thriller, young adult, or paranormal mystery - as long as it has a mysterious element.  Anyone can submit a story.  Remember we have quite a few publishers that read our newsletter.

If you would like to be considered please submit your story to our email address, insert the subject line: Short Story Newsletter Submission.

We will do our best to let you know the status of your submission.  This may take a while so try to refrain from sending inquiring emails.  This will clutter up our inbox.

If your story is selected to be featured in our next month’s newsletter, we will contact you for further information; bio, photo, and/or any links you would like to add.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!  Have fun with it but please refrain from any stories that contain political or religious views.  We are looking to entertain without an agenda.

We publish twelve newsletters a year.  So, there are twelve chances to be featured. If you know of anyone who may be interested in submitting a story, please feel free to share this with them.  Let the creativity begin!!

Help make our podcast awesome

For Those who just want to add money to our "tip jar." Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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